Introducing the Ferrari F8 Tributo

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Introducing the Ferrari F8 Tributo by Tetyana


hello welcome back to Ferrari Central of

New Jersey

My name is Tatyana and today

I’m going to be showing to you this

all-new 2020 Ferrari FH or veto in the


color of roses Scuderia with a factory

black roof this car in particular does

come with the anti stone shipping film

from the Ferrari factory the S duct

which first appeared on the Ferrari for

de pista tidies up the air flow and

increases downforce on the front axle

there are also grateful and intakes at

the top of the headlights tributo means

tribute in English and the f/8 pays

tribute to the f1 3.9 liter twin-turbo

v8 that is also located in the Ferrari

488 pista that’s a tribute to features

more classic Ferrari design now in line

such as the for round taillights and the

lightweight legs and cover which is a

tribute to the iconic every this is a

rear drive vehicle and it comes equipped

with a 3.9 liter twin turbocharged v8

engine which gives it 710 horsepower and

770 foot-pounds of torque it can go from

0 to 62 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds

and it has a maximum speed of 211 miles

per hour taking a look at the interior

you will notice the racing seats in Nero

with red stitching and the Prancing

Horse tips on the headrest

and as you can see the EPI tributo

features a new generation steering wheel

and a great amount of carbon fiber

options as well this concludes the tour

of the 2020 for our EFA tributo for

pricing or any other information please

give us a call at seven thirty two five

nine three two six zero zero or visit

our website Ferrari of central

thank you for watching


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